Stayve BB GLOW

An Award Winning Spectacular BB Glow Treatment now can be available in your clinic!

Korean BB Glow is a safe scientifically proven method of restoring the luminous look of the skin without using make-up. It creates a delicate illuminating foundation effect, reduces facial imperfections, aligns the skin tone & structure.

BB Glow treatment supplies the skin with BB serum, made from natural ingredients, applied using microneedles to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin for effective brightening and anti-aging properties. → LEAR MORE


Stayve BB GLOW products range

We are the official distributors of the spectacular and unique Stayve products - beauty & aesthetic brand designed for both beauty lovers & professionals only.

One-day BB GLOW Training Course

Our dedicated Training Academy provides courses and private coaching sessions to medical and non-medical professionals including BB Glow, Mesotherapy, Micro-needling, Dermal Filler, Botulinium Toxin, amongst other courses.
We are fully qualified trainers certified by Korean Evie, manufacturer of STAYVE products including BB Glow ampoules.

BB GLOW UK is a part of I&M International Group

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Accreditations & Certificates

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